ALC Drivers

ALC Drivers

Here we have audio drivers for ALC Chip for All Windows  Operating System.
All drivers are tested on most popular motherboard like a: ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock,
MSI, BIOSTAR, FOXCONN etc etc. And they work fine.

You can download driver by clicking on the driver name.

ALC 800 series


ALC850 – XP                    ALC850 – Windows 7

ALC 880 – XP

ALC882 – XP                  ALC882 – Vista Win7 Win8

ALC883 – XP                 ALC883 – Vista Win7 Win8

ALC 885 -XP                   ALC885 – Vista Win7 Win8

ALC887 – XP                    ALC887 – Vista Win7 Win8

ALC888 – XP                  ALC888 – vista Win7 Win8

ALC889- XP                   ALC889 – vista Win7 Win8

ALC890 – XP                   ALC 890 – Vista Win7

ALC892- XP              ALC888 – Vista Win7 Win8


ALC 600 Series

ALC655 – XP                      ALC655 – Vista Win7 Win8

ALC660 – XP

ALC662 – XP                  ALC662 – Vista Win7 Win8

ALC1150 – Vista Win7 Win8 Win10

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