Problems & Solutions IT C-Media CMI8738 PCI driver Windows 7

C-Media CMI8738 PCI driver Windows 7

C-Media CMI8738 PCI driver Windows 7

Here we have audio driver for C-Media CMI8738 PCI for Windows 7 Operating System.

The driver are tested and work fine. I spent too much time to find it. so I want to share with you.

C-Media CMI8738 Overview:

32-bit PCI 2.1 compatible bus master.
8738-LX/MX supports 6CH DAC 5.1 surround output for movies and 3D games.
8738-SX supports 4CH DAC surround output for movies and 3D games.
8738-MX provides additional digital interface S/PDIF IN/OUT (44.1K and 48KHz).
Built-in 32ohm earphone buffer.
Built-in 2CH 16bit ADC.
Supports full-duplex 44.1K/48KHz sample rate playback and recording at 16bit.
Supports analog mixer for Line-in, Mic-in, Aux, CD inputs.
Built-in Microphone pre-amplifier (+20dB).
MIDI MPU-401 port/ game port.Built-in ZV port.
Legacy audio SBPRO compatible.
External E2PROM interface for custom Sub-VID/PID.
Digital power +3.3V, analog power +5V.
Industrial 128-pin QFP package.

You can download  drivers from this link

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