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How to install NVIDIA Graphic Drivers

How to install  NVIDIA Graphic Drivers

Here in this article we will show you how to install  NVIDIA Graphic Drivers:

This is perfect system and so easy for use, you select your Series on Graphic cards and he automatically detect your windows.

You can find your drivers here NVIDIA Drivers

This is official NVIDIA website.

How to install NVIDIA Graphic Drivers: EXAMPLE how it work

If your graphic card is GT 730 choice 700 series or if your graphic card is 9000 series this is on website 9 series or 8000 this is 8 series…etc etc

How it work Nvidia Drivers Download Page.

1.Select your product Series ( Name on your Graphic card.)
2. Select your Series.. (example. Nvidea GT 730, GT650, GTX8800, Etc etc.)
3. Your Operating System will be detected automatically.
After finishing this 3 stpes pres SEARCH.

Then you will see this screen, just press on DOWNLOAD.

On next page press AGREE & DOWNLOAD And your drivers will start download..

When you download double click on the driver (Run) then install, and after several minutes driver will be installed.

Restart your pc and this is it enjoy.

We hope that this article “How to install  NVIDIA Graphic Drivers” would be helpful for you.

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