Nvidia FX 5000 series drivers for Windows 7

Nvidia FX 5000 series drivers for Windows 7

Here we have drivers for all Nvidia graphic card FX 5000 Series for Windows 7 and Windows Vista  32-bit operating  system.

Nvidia FX 5000 series Overview:

The GeForce FX or “GeForce 5” series (codenamed NV30) is a line of graphics processing units from the manufacturer NVIDIA.

NVIDIA’s GeForce FX series is the fifth generation of the GeForce line. With GeForce 3, NVIDIA introduced programmable shader functionality into their 3D architecture, in line with the release of Microsoft’s DirectX 8.0. The GeForce 4 Ti was an enhancement of the GeForce 3 technology.

With real-time 3D graphics technology continually advancing, the release of DirectX 9.0 brought further refinement of programmable pipeline technology with the arrival of Shader Model 2.0. The GeForce FX series is NVIDIA’s first generation Direct3D 9-compliant hardware.

The series was manufactured on TSMC’s 130 nm fabrication process. It is compliant with Shader Model 2.0/2.0A, allowing more flexibility in complex shader/fragment programs and much higher arithmetic precision. It supports a number of new memory technologies, including DDR2, GDDR2 and GDDR3 and saw NVIDIA’s first implementation of a memory data bus wider than 128 bits.

“Overview” text has been taken from Wikipedia.

Example: FX 5100; FX 5200 Graphic Cards etc etc.

The driver is tested and work fine. I spent too much time to find it. So I want to share with you.

Note: Perhaps before the installation will be necessary to Download and install WinRar.

(Here you can download WinRar).

To uncompress the file with the .rar extension that you downloaded.

You can download Nvidia FX 5000 series drivers  from this link.

Nvidia FX 5000 series

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