How to Play Clash Royale on PC

How to Play Clash Royale on PC

At this article, I’m gonna show you How to Play Clash Royale on PC and short Review about the game. How to Play Clash Royale on PC

Clash Royale Short Review:

Clash Royale is a free video game made by Supercell. You can play Clash Royale on iOS and Android. The levels rank the players in Clash Royale. The highest level in the game is 13th level. Also, the players are ranked by trophies and battle in the arena.

There is a huge selection of techniques to play,such as joining a Clan and share the cards between members of the Clan.

And you need to generating a troop who is used to overwhelm the opponent. The Match duration is 3 minutes; you can win a game if you are destroying more towers than the opponent.
Also if you can destroying the opponent’s “King’s Tower,” this is a three “crown” victory. If you win a battle, as a result of that you will get a card and trophies.
The Cards that get in the game can be used to attack and defend from your opponent.

To using the cards, the players must have enough Elixir, The Elixir automatically being replenished every 2.8 seconds or during double elixir 1.4 seconds.
The players do one bad thing in the game. They are using Clash Royale apps to generate Free Gems and Coins. Which is used to replenish their elixir and too easy win in the battle vs their opponents.

How to Play Clash Royale on PC

How to Play on PC Follow the instructions listed below:

  1. To play Clash Royale on your PC first you must install an Android emulator. You can install Bluestacks,
  2. Then on the Bluestacks log with your Google account just like on your phone.
  3. Then Downloading the game from the Following link or go to Google play store on Bluestacks Find Clash Royale and start the installation.
  4. And play, Enjoy the game.

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