How to Play Super Mario Run On PC

How to Play Super Mario Run On PC

Good news for Android users and all Super Mario fans, finally the game is here, after a long time Super Mario Run, is now available to download via Google Play Store for free. Already is available in 151 countries. And in Apple Store for Iphone and Ipad. Here in this article we will show you How to Play Super Mario Run On PC and will give you a Review for the Super Mario Run Game.

Super Mario Run specifications

Super Mario Run is a game that you can play with one single hand. Advance non-stop for every level, realizing different jumps according to the moment to touch the screen. It depends on your skill that Mario does incredible maneuvers and wins many coins.

How to Play Super Mario Run On PC

Worlds, Races and Kingdoms

Worlds: You must run and jump non-stop to rescue the princes’s Peach of the hands of the wicked Bowser. To traverse for the hills, across caverns, haunted mansions, castles and more. They are six worlds and 24 levels that are designed to play with just one hand.Races: You can compete with your mate and friends or with users of the whole world.

In this mode every competition is different; you will have to overcome the punctuation of other users, realize acrobatics with more style and win more coins.Kingdoms: You will have to earn coins to recruit the roads and to construct your own kingdom, to place buildings and other elements thanks to the toads that you have recruited in the previous careers.


As usual Mario and Luigi, joined by Peach (the princess), Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette.
    No matter where you go, you will be able to play with the Italian favorite little plumber of all the times. It is not hard to play, even a child older than five years can play it.

In comparison with the original video game obviously has better graphical and better resolution, but in the new version you can only go forward, up and down; means that the character only moves on by his own, just need to tap the screen when is time to jump. In certain levels, Mario will have to jump much higher and climbing walls, and it only is achieved pressing several times the screen, and only thereby it will obtain the acrobatics and the coins

Super Mario Run updates

It does not matter if you have an IOS or Android operating system the procedure to unload the game is the same.But only some levels will be available in free form. Another important thing is that you cannot play without an internet connection.The updates will be available in proportion to that the game is developing in public.

Mario Bros is a legendary game, which at least 65 % of the world population it has played at least once and now Nintendo gives us the opportunity to play it from our telephone in any place where we are.It is a very entertaining and fun game. Do not lose time and it discovers the wonderful surprises that wait for us in Super Mario Run and all the worlds and levels. Do not miss any more time and it begins to collect coins to win many things more.

How to Play Super Mario Run On PC.

For How to Play on PC Follow these five easy steps listed below:

  1. As a first thing what you need for playing “Super Mario Run” on your Desktop Computer is an Android emulator. Here you can Download Bluestacks.
  2. Download, then Start to installing Bluestacks on your PC.
  3. After installing on Bluestacks, you will log on Bluestacks with your Google account just like on your phone.
  4. Then go to Google play store on Bluestacks Find “Super Mario Run ” and start the installation.
  5. And play, Enjoy the game.

We hope that this article “How to Play Super Mario Run On PC.” would be helpful for you.

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