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No sound Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Fix it

No sound Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Fix it

There is no music in the game menu, in settings you have no sound in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 no sound. New game new problem, but you do not need to worry we are here to find a solution.

This is not a problem of the game; you failed with during installation you miss to install additional things after like a (VCRedist, DotNet and DirectX) installations or install but has failed. But we are here to help you.

No sound Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Fix it

But this is not a big problem and can be fixed very easy by downloading this directx updater, Extract, and install. And if you still have this issue,

You can do it with this DirectX Technology Update  you can Download with clicking the name then extract and install. If again have no sound you need to update your audio driver.

How to Re-install Audio Driver.

  1. You must know your sound card name / motherboard
  2. You need to uninstall the current audio driver, restart your device and then install new audio drive and restart you PC again. Good Luck and enjoy playing pes 2017.

We hope that this article is helped you.

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  • When i try to download the updater, it did not came as a file but as a video. I cannot extract anything from a video file

    • there are no any video file there are zip file try to unzip and copy and paste in the pes files or also have set up to install.

  • I want to ask.i had a problem when i open pes 2017 my game are still have sound at intro.but when at menu the sound are missing.why please help me

    • Hello Ahmad do you have already installed "directx updater" from this post and "DirectX Technology Update " Try to install or if you have already install try to re-install this and you will get song. Thank you