Problems & Solutions IT Pro evolution soccer 2016 Officially released

Pro evolution soccer 2016 Officially released

Pro evolution soccer 2016 Officially released

First: Happy anniversary “20 years of Pro Evolution Soccer” !

What is news in Pro Evolution soccer 2016?
PES series switch from format to format, adding more realism. Strongly determined to keep his title of “The best sports birthday”, PES 2016 prepared gifts for us – improved gameplay, upgraded mechanics, stunning visuals and football passion.

PES 2016 Start Menu/Start background

A new system for calculating the collision between players and their interaction. And with the new system of physical interaction, battles for the ball will be absolutely unique and unpredictable.

Goalkeeper in Action on PES 2016

Ideal protection – Fulfilling the right equipment at the right time is the key to your victory. The ball will be yours immediately with adequately controlled dribbling or pass accurate.

Improved Player IQ . 2 or 3 player on the field who think and act together. You are no longer limited by the condition that must be handing the ball to each other in order to act appropriately. Your teammates will help you make the right decision.

Players in Action on PES 2016

Master League mode has been reworked and improved – from facilities on to understand menus and inspired system to transfer players. The image shows more

Master League background

For the first time in Pro Evolution soccer – the time above pitch is changing. The rain will change the way you play and the way a game will change the outcome of the match. Sometimes players will slip, sometimes you are clumsy, you have to be reckoned on every part of the time.

Rain Time is Changing

Quality improvement – the opinion of the fans is very important, so PES 2016 continues to present their innovations,and many other news .
PES 2016 might well be the best football game ever made.

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