BitTorrent started with beta browser Project Maelstrom

BitTorrent started with beta browser Project Maelstrom

browser Project Maelstrom

BitTorrent make his first public beta version of new web browser and internet engine Project Maelstrom,who like to make  more open/(freedom) and safety internet for all user.

Offering top performance with similar technology to share content as well as via torrent client.
Via Project Maelstrom you can share Content, Video, Music, Games etc etc and everything will be free with great internet speed shared from the community of users.

BitTorrent will support auto-update, DHT visualization and developer publishing tool.
BitTorrent also call all programmers for help to improve this new internet browser.

BitTorrent : Please join us in this project, become a fractional owner of this new Internet and help us shape the future of our network.

For now works only with microsoft windows Operating System

For more information you can see official BitTorent blog.

Official BitTorrent Download page

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