Can’t start Facebook Messenger on my Windows Phone

Can’t start Facebook Messenger on my Windows Phone

I can’t start Facebook messenger on my Windows Phone? Facebook Messenger Application, next week would stop working on some Smartphone’s models, this change will start on 1th April . If your Smartphone is one of them, you must update Facebook Messenger to the latest version.

Can't start Facebook messenger

The devices that will not work will be device with Windwos Phone Operating system; Windows Phone 8.1 or previous versions. The users of these devices which use Windows Phone 8.1 OS or previous versions, have been notified for these changes via email. The users of Windows Phone 8.1 or previous versions of Windows Phone OS if you would to use facebook messenger apps again, to stay in touch with your friends,family, to exchanging the messages with them or whatever you want.

They must have a latest version of Facebook messenger apps.

But Messenger is not the only which announced a halt, also, other applications announced that will stop working on Windows phone 8.1 or previous version of Windwos Phone OS; these applications are Skype and WhatsApp.

This is another big blow to Microsoft and his popularity, which already has seen a decline for this OS.

Here you can Update the latest version of Messenger or download from Microsoft Store.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows Phone 8.1or higher. Work on both architectures x86 and x64. And recommended minimum 2GB of RAM. The size of the application is 6.1 MB – 254.15 MB.

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