Google Chrome with support for Windows XP to the end of 2015

Google Chrome with support for Windows XP to the end of 2015

Microsoft officially stopped offering support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014,
but Google Chrome still doesn’t give up. When you consider that nearly 17% of users still use Windows XP,
whether in outdated labs, at schools or at home, the operating system is still there.

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However, there is a bad side that many do not know,and some ignore.
The operating system has become easy for abuse from hackers since there are no longer updates and support for Windows XP.
So a large number of users are placed in danger.

Google wants to enable those users enhanced security to their online experience with the browser thay use
(Google Chrome in this case) will be updated as others in order to increase his reliability and functionality.

Google continues supporting Google Chrome, however,thay appeal to users to switch to a newer operating system.
Although Google Chrome gets all security updates,thay an not be sufficiently effective when the whole system is virtually defenseless.

Otherwise, according to the latest statistics, Windows XP is still in second place in number of users.
He comes right behind Windows 7 which is a leader now. However, Windows XP has more users then Windows 8 and 8.1.

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