Problems & Solutions IT HP Elite X3 Windows phablet that can turn into a Computer

HP Elite X3 Windows phablet that can turn into a Computer

HP Elite X3 Windows phablet that can turn into a Computer

The company HP has introduced new phablet (smartphone) “Elite X3” on the Congress of mobile technology in Barcelona. Elite X3 Smartphone comes with Windows 10 operating system that is also designed to function as a phone, laptop and desktop computer.


Elite X3 has high-resolution 6-inch screen, which is protected by tough Gorilla Glass 4 and also come with Quad HD resolution,

HP defines its new product as a very powerful phablet. It has 820 Snapdragon processor,

4 GB RAM memory and 64 GB of space for data storage which can be expanded with a microSD card

. It also features a 16 MP FHD rear-facing camera and 8 MP FHD front-facing Camera,

as well as large battery capacity of 4.150 mAh, which supports wireless charging.

The main advantage of this device is that it is designed for Continuum. Elite X3 is centered on the Windows Continuum, a feature that lets users connect their Windows phones to another display such as a monitor and use them as a type of portable desktop with a mouse and keyboard, and has most of the functions like a computer.

You can plug a sufficiently powerful Windows 10 Mobile smartphone into a docking station, and use it as a more traditional PC.

Also has a dock connector at the back for accessories such as a credit card reader. In addition it will have a USB 3.0 Type-C (C-USB) port for Continuum.

HP Elite x3 – Hands on with the most powerful Windows Phone! For more visit the video

Or visit the official HP Website

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