Microsoft introduced the Spartan

Microsoft introduced the Spartan. New browser designed for Windows 10


Some time ago it was said that Microsoft is considering to replacing Internet Explorer browser with a brand new browser codenamed Spartan.
But although it announced a new search engine which now goes under the codename Project Spartan,will sadly not be in the next preview build of Windows 10 and it remains unclear when developers and users will get their hands on it. Spartan will include reading lists,  a distraction-free reading mode and a built-in PDF viewer. It will also include support for Cortana,
This means the browser will know about your upcoming flights, which will pop up right in the browser’s search bar.

Most importantly, Spartan is noticeably fast. It runs a new engine that Microsoft says it built from scratch.
That appears to have paid off. Spartan loads complex websites quickly, and there’s practically no delay when playing videos.
As a result, enterprises that need the legacy compatibility of Internet Explorer, but also want the modern engine of Spartan for regular browsing, will be forced to use both interfaces and also use Microsoft’s admin tools to make sure that Internet Explorer is automatically used for those legacy URLs.
We’ll have to wait until we get closer to the launch of Spartan to know for sure.

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