Office Remote Released for Android

Office Remote Released for Android

Office Remote

With Office Remote you can connected via via Bluetooth and present your Powerpoint, view the titles and paragraphs of word or show off your Excel Tables ,

or in short section. Via your smartphones to control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations all over via Bluetooth.

Office Remote

Office Remote is a great business application that will simplify the work of a meeting or presentation to clients

The applications is a free for download from Google Play, and works on Android 4.0.3 or later.

 Office Remote

App requirements:

– Microsoft Office 2013. This app does not work with Office 2013 RT or earlier

versions of Office.

– Bluetooth on your PC

– The desktop add-in for Office Remote must be installed on your PC Download here

The application has the following features:


– View current slide and laser point using touch on your phone

– Next slide preview

– View slide thumbnails and jump to a slide

– Play and pause embedded audio and video files

– View speaker notes on your phone

– View presentation timer and slide numbers

Some information is used from Google Play Store official web page

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