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Paste without a copy, Is it possible?

Paste without a copy, Is it possible?

Yes is it possible with new extension Copyless Paste from Google. Google announced that tested a new apps/extension in Google Chrome for Android with the name “Copyless paste.” The extension will be ready for using next year. With this application, you can paste text without a copy.

How does it work? It would be like guessing,

The rules of new Google apps Copyless paste is when watching or reading the text which is open in Google Chrome, this “extension” will guess which word or phrase you want to copy and will giving you this word or phrase as an option to “paste” in the browser.

For example: “If you looked or search for some “Countries” website or some Fast Food Restaurant and you switched to the Google Maps app, the keyboard will offer you the name of that country or restaurant as a suggestion/options to paste into the search bar.”

Also, If you don’t like this extension you can Disable it has feature for Disable or Enable, and also, will not work on incognito tabs. Also, from Google say that the data is only stored locally and that this data never be sent to Google.

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