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Ubuntu 15.04 Officially Released

Ubuntu 15.04 Officially Released

One of the most used platforms of Linux, Ubuntu gets a new standard upgrade after 6 months waiting.

The purpose of this update is to improve the user experience without spoiling of that already works well. Bug fixes and a few new updates are part of a modest new edition which is called Vervet.

Some users will notice a slight change in boot speed depending on their configuration.

SystemdUnity 7.3 Compiz 0.9.12 — Ubuntu Linux Kernel 3.19

Still not used the latest version of the Linux Kernel Ubuntu 15.04 will be modified version of 3.19.3. Will Expect few updates to the most recent 3.19.x patch. After release of Ubuntu 15.04.

Upgrades and updates to applications

It is expected standard applications receive updates and updates to the new edition of Ubuntu. Applications that are upgraded and updated:

LibreOffice 4.4

Firefox 37

Thunderbird 31.6

Shotwell 0.20.2

Nautilus 3.14.2

Evince 3.14.2

Rhythmbox 3.1

Totem 3.14.1

GNOME Terminal 3.14

Additionally, replace the default desktop background.

Ubuntu 15.04 you can download through your browser at this link,

For those who want to upgrade already installed Ubuntu 14.10 version in 15:04, you can do it soon.

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