Problems & Solutions IT Ubuntu Smartphone would be used as a computer

Ubuntu Smartphone would be used as a computer

Ubuntu Smartphone would be used as a computer

A few days ago appeared Continuum new tool which will be install in the new Windows 10 Smartphone,

which allows connecting the phone with a larger screen and operation of desktop workspace.

Now one of the major competitors in the desktop scene, Ubuntu, announced that their new Smartphone will have the same opportunity,

they opportunity have mentioned a long time ago, but in the end did not appear. So it remains unclear on when you can expect.

The announcement of this phone come directly from the founder of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu Smartphone can be connected to a large display, mouse and keyboard and would looks like a desktop version of the operating system.

Smartphone’s will be produced by Chinese manufacturer Meizu, Of course, given that you should use as a PC, the chipset should be of highest class, like other embedded components

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