Problems & Solutions IT uTorrent will soon charge for its customer service

uTorrent will soon charge for its customer service

uTorrent will soon charge for its customer service

uTorrent , plans to increase  revenue by charging (small amounts of money) for the use of the program.
So far they are funded solely through advertising and some software, but because this kind of financing is not very stable,
began to look for other ways of earning.
As the most reliable source of funds is the service charges money from users.
Although the company said that it is not for large amounts (money).
However Some are disappointed and angered and some of users consider switching to other software.
Whether Utorrent will change their opinion? It remains to be seen.

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  • I paid just to avoid the large ad banners on a low-res screen. too many hardware upgrades later it doesn't except my reg key anymore. I'd don't need/want their built in AV or video player, and theres no hint of video convertion into HEVC so thats useless too, Their biggest *Need* is to UN-abandon the 64bit version and remove the low ram cache maximum amount they added so I can cache 8GB of writes if the HDD is overtaxed.

    "No benefits to 64bit with uTorrent is an outright lie, it has to run under wow64 which is a subsystem - translation overhead and not native. Keeping it 32bit only is like saying you can only run this in a vmware client. every last thing it does or can do will improve with a native 64bit client, and they could just do the lazy thing - set the 64bit flag compiler option and compile the same code. Almost 0 effort and a 100%/every way lie about why they won't. Is it even made by IT people???

    Those are my biggest complaints, otherwise its still the best and supports the latest bt bleeding edge functionality. If its not for a bug that they coded in by mistake then support should have a fee!