Web pages will be able to send notifications in the new version of Google Chrome

Web pages will be able to send notifications in the new version of Google Chrome


This interesting possibility which is added to the development of Chrome as a whole platform and
not just as an ordinary web browser, for the first time it became available in the beta versions of the browser.
With the latest version, i.e. Chrome 42 which became available to all users last week
users get the ability to receive notifications from websites, even when the browser is closed.
This new feature is available on all platforms on which Chrome is available, or on Windows,
Linux, OS X, Android and Chrome OS.

The feature is available through the introduction of two new API tools called Push API and Notifications API.
These tools allow developers to link their web pages directly with
the system notifications of the operating system and they are displayed as from any other application.

For start there are not many web sites that already have provided support for this new feature,
but also it will need time to be available for all users in the world.

Users will be able to choose whether they want to receive notifications from a particular website,
which means it will suddenly receive unwanted notifications from sites you visit often.

This function can be shown as very useful in weaker
devices in which installing more applications slows his work,
so users for certain things won’t have to install applications whose advantage is often
the possibility of getting notifications.

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