When installed uTorrent my computer is running slow

When installed uTorrent my computer is running slow
running slow

Seems lately often we read about how some software companies include in their products that can invade privacy,

security of the computer and the like. Some of these software may not do harm your computer,

but only installed without the knowledge of the user’s is problem for you.

A certain number of users of the famous torrent software uTorrent

reported that the latest version of the program is installed and additional program without the users knowledge.

This is a program called Epic Scale which is Bitcoin mining software.

The way we noticed the presence of this program users is due to the increased work of CPU on their computer and yout CPU work on 100 % full time

at a time when they do not use and it should be in the idle state.

Otherwise, Bitcoin mining software,

ie software called digging or mining software is intended to verify the transactions

that are made by users and add them in public “book” or also called block chain.

Users who do so receive as compensation a certain amount of bitcoin,

which perform the function of further circulation of the currency.

From uTorrent,

And later the parent company BitTorrent said that this software comes with their program,

but it is not done without the users knowledge.

These and other programs now offered to the partners can be selected in the installation of uTorrent.

So be careful when you install.

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