Problems & Solutions IT 10 easy things that you alone can make your computer work faster.

10 easy things that you alone can do to make your computer work faster. And (Bouns)

10 easy things that you alone can do to make your computer work faster. And Bouns

Here are 10 easy things that could help

  1. Often restart

The longer the programs work on your computer,the more memory thay take.

The restarting,restarts the programs and turns off those who still work in background.

2. Uninstall the useless programs

The programs that you are not using or those that you installed accidentally
or applications added to the manufacturer / distributor and that you dont need,
it all can reduce the performance on your computer unnecessarily occupying your space on your hard drive.
Open the control panel and click on Add and Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features”,
depending on your version of the operating system,
See what programs are installed and decide whether you need or not.

3. Often use software for cleaning

Programs like Ccleaner

Can help you find and remove temporary

Files and many programs that may slow down the performance of your computer.

4. Turn off unnecessary animations and effects

Newer operating systems are equipped with many attractive effects and animations that look nice but takes a good part from the computers resources.

5. Update your antivirus software, and use a good antivirus

Viruses are one of the most common culprits for a slow computer,but sometimes the antivirus program can be just as bad as the viruses that should be removed.
For users of Windows, Microsoft Security Essentials (developed by Microsoft) is one of the best antivirus programs
It’s easy and effective, does not stiff the system and from the free ones one of the best is Avast.
But still you need to be smart with your search habits,
i.e. just avoid some sites and be careful where you click.

6. Reduce the programs that are activated when you turn on the computer

The large number of programs that are activated when turning on the computer

can seriously slow down the computers work and his engagement process.

For all Windows Operating System  press the “Windows button” and “R” and find “msconfig“.

Run the program and click on “Startup” to see the list of programs that are activated when you turn on the computer and uncheck the ones you do not need.

In Windows 8, you can call this menu through Task Manager.

But be careful which programs you turn off.

7. Clean the cache of your browser

The full cache with temporary files can slow the performance and efficiency of your browser.

Depending on your browser, click on the menu for settings and clear the search history.

8. Add RAM

Adding additional RAM memory can significantly improve the performance of your computer.
This tool can help you choose the right components for your system.

9. Get SSD drive

SSD drives are significantly faster than the traditional hard drives.

If you are not skilled in linking computer hardware, you will need the help of someone with such knowledge,

but once you install this component, you will notice seriously improved work on your computer.

10. Format your computer

Formatting is a type of nuke that will get rid of the viruses, but can also return the performance and speed of your computer that he had when you bought him. Formatting get’s you back to the very beginning, so you will be able to choose which programs you need.

Having the ability to choose whether to install them or not. Before you decide on something like this, save the data you need and don’t want to lose.

All the most important is your processor.
Must be (Dual core) 2.4Ghz per core minimum.
how much more cores have this is better .

We hope that this article (10 easy things that you alone can do to make your computer work faster) would be helpful for you.

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