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3 Must Have Gadgets for Traveling Gamers

3 Must Have Gadgets for Traveling Gamers

When gamers travel they tend to leave their games behind, but if they follow the advice in this article that can still have a great time, even on-the-go.

When a gamer is on the move his needs change. He cannot take his Xbox 360 or Desktop Computer with him but instead must rely on other types of games. There was a time when someone would just pack their Gameboy, a light, and a car adapter and that is all that was needed, but times have changed. Today a traveling gamer needs a tablet, a car charger, and a controller for a full gaming experience.

3 Must Have Gadgets for Traveling Gamers

The Tablet

The best way to game on the go in today’s world is a tablet. A seven or nine-inch tablet is extremely portable while still having a large screen and pretty good battery life. These devices can be purchased pretty inexpensively, a decent tablet can be purchased for around $200.

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When purchasing a tablet it is important that it either has Bluetooth or USB on-the-go capabilities. So that a controller can be found that will work with it. Android tablets are specifically suited for gaming due to the myriad of emulators (specific software that can replicate older video game systems) that are available for download in the play store.

The Charger

A car charger is an essential piece of equipment for the on-the-go gamer. Even though tablets have decent battery life, almost nothing drains them quicker than playing video games, especially 3D games. This is a pretty inexpensive purchase since most tablets charge via USB cable.

A cigarette lighter to USB port adapter is the best way to charge your tablet while in the car. The USB cable that came with the tablet should plug into this adapter, there is no need for a new cable. The only reason that a new USB cable may be necessary is if there is a desire for more mobility when plugged in, in which case extra long USB cables can be purchased at online retailers.

The Controller

There are plenty of games for tablets that do not require controllers. Many games designed for tablets allow the player to tap and swipe their way to victory. These games may be fun but a traditional gamer may tire of them quickly. The good news is that there are many Bluetooth controllers available that can be made to work with Android tablets and the emulators that can be found for them. One of the best controllers to use is actually the six-axis controller that comes with the PlayStation.

With a little work, this controller can be made to work with Android devices that have bluetooth capabilities. Many other types of controllers can be purchased.

All gamers on-the-go should have a tablet, a car charger, and a controller. So that they can get the most out of their gaming experience. All-in-all purchasing these three things is not any more expensive than buying a Gameboy, with games and accessories, a decade or so ago, and will be significantly more entertaining. The great thing is that some tablet games (or emulators) are so engrossing that they will not just be played on-the-go, but at home too!

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