5 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

5 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

Windows 8 is hitting the shelves today! Yes, the biggest release from Microsoft since Windows 95 is just hours away. More than 1.2 billon hours went into the testing of the new operating system, which features and incredibly responsive user interface, well suited for devices with touchscreens. Windows 8 will also come with an integrated app store, which features 10, 000 apps currently with more being added every day.

For those of you, who are going to purchase Windows 8 immediately.

5 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

Here are 5 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8

    1. Change

    Accept the change, don’t be discouraged from using the new OS just because the UI seems alien to you. The workflow of Windows 8 will be totally different from that of its predecessors. Although number one on the list doesn’t exactly fall into the tips and tricks category, it’s an important advice to remember.

2. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts

    As you might have already guessed, Windows 8 is designed with touchscreens in mind. However, it’s stupid to think that Microsoft will leave Windows 7 users out of the picture. Most of the keyboard shortcuts that worked before will still be usable. The good old copy and paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V), cut (Ctrl+X), alt+F4, windows key+D, etc., will still work. Windows 8 doesn’t have a start menu on its taskbar, but it can still be accessed with the keyboard. Just hit the Win key or hold the mouse pointer at the upper right corner of the screen for a second.

    3. Desktop

    Windows 8 is also designed to work primarily in full-screen mode. This won’t be liked by people used to working with toolbars, but there is a way around that problem. Think of the desktop as a different app – you can use software by launching it from the Start screen too. If desktop mode is active, it’s going to be like using the old version of Windows.  

4. The New Task Manager

    It’s going to become your new best friend. Microsoft really redesigned TM by making it more useful for both desktop and tablet users. Ctrl+Shift+Escape combination will still work, but now task manager lists not only running apps, but also starting processes and background software.

    5. Aero Snap

    If your screen resolution is at least 1366 x 768, then you will be able to use Aero Snap. The combination of Windows Key + . (yes this is a DOT) will clear some space for an app in the left part of the screen. Aero Snap lets you keep minimized apps accessible by turning them into sidebars.

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