Problems & Solutions IT 5 Ways To Free Up The C: Drive Space In Windows 7

5 Ways To Free Up The C: Drive Space In Windows 7

5 Ways To Free Up The C: Drive Space In Windows 7

Most of Computer users encounter the low disk space warning especially when they are using Microsoft Windows 7.

Whatever disk space you have specified for C: drive if you are not using it wisely then you will see the low disk space warning soon.

When you run out of space in “C:” Partition. The system will operate slowly and many programs (having no option of installing other than “C:” drive) cannot be installed

and the windows updates also can’t be installed.

Here are the simple tricks which can be used to get rid of low disk space problem.

5 Ways How To Free Up The C: Drive Space In Windows 7

1. Use the disk cleanup utility to delete the temporary internet files,

service pack backup files and other temporary files from C: drive.

To access disk cleanup utility right do right click on C: Drive go to properties, and there will be an option of disk cleanup.

2.The default location of downloads is C: Partition, you can save a lot of space by downloading your software, videos, and images in any other drive.

Change the location of already downloaded files from C drive to any other. Do not save your downloads on the desktop because it is also a C: Drive folder.

3. Delete all files from Prefetch folder “C:\Windows\Prefetch”.

4. Install new software in any other directory and do not install all the programs in C: drive, if your disk space is critically low,

then you can uninstall the preinstalled software from “control panel” and reinstall them on a different Partition.

5 . Uninstall all unnecessary programs which you are not using. Use Revo uninstaller pro to uninstall the programs which cannot be uninstalled manually;

It also removes all the files related to that software which usually can’t be removed manually.

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