6 Tips & Tricks on IPad You Should Know

6 Tips & Tricks on IPad You Should Know

The IOS system applied by iPad is very simple to use, but for many new users of iPad, there are still some tips and tricks you should, which are not so easy to find. Also if we can effectively use these tips and tricks, they will always help us better use the device. Here I will share with you some useful tips and tricks you have to know about iPad:

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6 Tips & Tricks on IPad

1. Turn the mute switch into a screen rotation lock switch.

The switch that you can switch up and switch down at the right side of iPad allows you to turn on/turn off (mute) by default. But we can go to Settings -> General ->Use Side Switch to: -> Lock Rotation. After saving the change, the image on your iPad will not rotate anymore whether you hold the iPad horizontally or vertically.

2. Double click Home button to adjust the screen brightness

After double-clicking the Home button on iPad, all the background running programs will be displayed. If you use your finger to drag the items hiding on the left side, you will find a slider that allows you to directly adjust the screen brightness. Besides, you can play music, change volume and drive music app from here.

3. Divide the keyboard into two parts

As the iPad screen size is relatively large, typing will become a little strenuously while holding the iPad device with two hands, especially for those girls with small hands. Actually, you can easily divide the keyboard into two parts by putting your two thumbs respectively on the left and right side of the keyboard and then pull to the two opposite sides. Then you get the two parted keyboard for easily use.

4. Screenshot

Press the Home button and then press the on/off button at the same time. Now you will see a white screen flashes and a screenshot is just successfully made. The screenshot will be automatically saved to the photo library on iPad.

5. Set iMessage

When you open the iMessage, you can send a message to other IOS devices for free, but you should connect the Internet first. Setting iMessage is very simple. You can directly go to Settings -> Message and open iMessage function. After login your Apple ID, you can feel free to sent messages to other IOS devices.

6. Find My iPad function

Find My iPad function will let you locate the position of your iPad. After opening this function, you can use other Apple devices to find your already lost iPad. Also, you can use your iPad to locate other IOS devices like iPhone, iPad touch, and even Mac computer. To open the function you can go to Settings -> iCloud to set Find My iPad. You will feel fortunate and happy to open this function

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