Apple iPhone 4S battery draining issue and solution

Apple iPhone 4S battery draining issue and solution

Here in this article, I will present the iPhone 4S battery draining issue and solution. Most of you might be aware of the Apple iPhone 4S battery draining issue which is currently eating the Cupertino brains. The interesting part about this issue is that not all the devices are having the battery draining problem which confirms that the issue is not with the design of this phone and also not because of battery capacity as it has 0.05Wh more battery capacity than the iPhone 4. This easy tutorial will help you to solve the battery draining issue of the iPhone 4S. There are some reasons and solutions are there which are listed below.


Apple iPhone 4S battery draining issue

Apple iPhone 4S battery draining issue: Solutions:

1. Some times corrupted contacts imported from Apple’s MobileMe, iCloud services and Google’s Contacts list can cause a problem. You may think about how this could cause battery drain, but it happens when the device repeatedly tries to synchronize the contacts which will result in increased use of battery resources. So to solve the issue please delete all the contacts and reinstall it.

2. Battery draining can also be caused due to the active state of “Setting Time Zone.” To disable it, please navigate to Settings > General > Location Services > System Services and disable “Setting Time Zone.” Please check the screenshot shown below to get a better idea.

3. The active state of push mail can also drain the iPhone batteries fast. The best solution is deactivating the push mail by navigating to Settings -> Mail->Contacts->Calendars, Fetch New Data and turn to Push to Off.

  1. Bluetooth and WiFi consume a lot of battery resources.

So turn off all the radios when not in use. Go to Settings -> and turn off Wifi and to disable Bluetooth go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth and turn it off.

5. Background apps will consume a lot of processor power which will lead to more battery usage, so check whether there is any unwanted app running in the background, and manually terminate them if there is any.

6. iPhone’s display is one of the main culprits in battery consumption so change the brightness settings to Auto-Brightness. When Auto-Brightness has enabled the device, adjust the display brightness according to the surrounding light condition.

7. Another main battery eater is the push notifications feature of iPhone 4S which will give you audible and visual alerts from ims. You will still get notifications when you open the particular app even if you disable it.

To disable the feature, go to Settings -> Notifications and select “None” for Alert Style when on Notification Center.

8. Disable location services when not in use which will also save a lot of battery resources. To disable it go to Settings > General > Location Services.

9. Batteries and electronic devices have less efficiency when they are subjected to heat, so keep your iPhone 4S in a cool place whenever possible. Take it out of your pocket when you are not traveling or clip it to your pants when you are on the move.

10. The over battery drain can also be blamed on the processor iPhone 4S is holding. As we are comparing the iPhone 4S performance with the iPhone 4 which is holding a single-core processor while the latter has a dual-core one, we know more cores result in more power consumption. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution for it if the battery drain is caused by the dual-core processor, and Apple alone can find a solution for it.

We hope that this article (Apple iPhone 4S battery draining issue and solution) would be helpful for you.

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