Best Mobile Security Apps for Android

Best Mobile Security Apps for Android

 Dear smartphone users: In this article, we will recommend you “Best Mobile Security Apps for Android.”

It is not a secret or something too sensitive anymore that the widely popular Android system from Google has a weak security system compared to the iOS or Windows Phone because of its “openness.” This is the main reason caused that Android seems to suffer from the dangerous malware easily..

Here is the list of the highly recommended mobile security apps for Android users. Best Mobile Security Apps for Android.


AVAST Mobile Security

Best Mobile Security Apps

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus is a suite of security and backup tools for Android smartphones and tablets.

The free version of the Avast app is considered the most comprehensive compared to several other antivirus apps’ paid versions.

Avast offers the premium version with $15 per year.

Which is half as much as premium versions of many rivals. That is consisting of a variety of protection features from a privacy adviser, a customizable blacklist to options for rooted phones. As well as a Web shield scanning URLs for malware. The app is also designed with well-organized interface and support system which is friendly to users.
One of the features of this security app is based on a predecessor named Theft Aware acquired by Avast. It is hidden and allows users to distantly control your devices using SMS in order to lock, locate or wipe your device in case that it is lost. It is such a comprehensive solution for theft protection.

360 Security

Best Mobile Security Apps

As the comment of Android Authority on 360 camera that “Why can’t more antivirus apps be like this one.” This is a free mobile security app performing much better than anyone expects in a free protection app.

Since 2013, as a report of the Chinese developer Qihoo. 360 Security has been assessed the highest virtually flawless detection with a rate of 99.9 percent, then becoming 100 percent. In the tests that were made a long time ago in the March 2014. It scans and removes threats, cleans your devices, etc. Also includes some extra features typically existing in paid versions as other security applications, such as privacy adviser and data monitor.

The newest version of 360 Security includes. A variety of extras such as junk file cleaner, memory booster to free RAM, a power saving option, privacy with encryption. And there are anti-theft tools for locating and remotely wiping your phone.

CM Security

Best Mobile Security Apps

Among the apps mentioning in this list. CM Security (Clean Master Security) is still a popular app they had received highly rated and positive reviews. One of the reasons is that even if users use the free version of the app. They are still supported with antivirus, anti-malware, and several other functions. These features usually only exist when users agree to pay an amount of money in other apps.

This app will scan incoming apps installed in your device for potentially malicious content. If you coordinate CM app with the Applock, it will become a little stunning as it can snap a photo of anyone who tries to enter an app you have locked with Applock. This will help you store the prove to catch someone in the act of snooping.


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