Best Security Apps for iOS

Best Security Apps for iOS

 Dear smartphone users: Here in this article we will recommend you Best Security Apps for iOS.

iOS security service has been undoubtedly unnecessary to worry about seriously. However, some flaws or breaches are still possible to be veiled that users cannot detect. Therefore, security apps are also searched for on App Store to enhance the protection against malware to the smart devices.

Best Security Apps for iOS:

Private Photo + Video Vault

Best Security Apps for iOS

Developed by Legendary Software, Private Photo Vault helps users lock photos. As well as videos under a four-digit pin code, keep them away from snooping eyes.
All you need to do is importing all photos from your phone or computer. Then they will be safely stored, and you can access them anywhere. You will be provided a pin to be able to access the photos and alerted if someone wants to break into your account.

You can create a master password for all of your photos or separate ones for each album in case that you want to keep only one album private.
Over 3 million people have downloaded this application to keep their confidential photos and videos in secret. Also, provides a password-protected entry, arrangement of photos into albums, a decoy password, break-in report with photo and GPS coordinates.

One of the most impressive features of this app is.

Break-in report which can automatically take a photo of someone who tries to crack your passwords and register that one’s GPS coordinates to disclose the location when the technical intruder was trying to access your files.
However, you are allowed to set passwords for only two albums in the free version. Also, your photos are possible to be deleted from the phone once they are imported.


Best Security Apps for iOS

Lookout is considered an all-in-one security app for iOS

This apps looks similar to the popularFind My iPhone. Also supporting you to locate your phone, backup your contacts and totally detect your safety with Lookout.
You simply download the app, ensure that your contacts plus photos are backed up as well as check on your security and make certain that everything is smoothly operating. If you suddenly lose your phone, you can locate it using GPS from any internet-connected device. But that device should have the location saved before.

In case that your phone is undetectable, but you still can relatively navigate it.; Enable the inbuilt alarm system to make an end to your search once your device firmly embeds itself down the back of your sofa.
If you want more features, you can use the premium version of this service to see how worth it is to invest in.


Best Security Apps for iOS

This app is created with the standard route of locking users’ passwords and private information secured by your master password, with an in-app browser for automating logins.
With this app, you can keep all your passwords, personal data, and even credit cards in one place to use one app for everything.

An impressive feature of 1Password is its search functionality, allowing users to find what they want quickly.

iCloud and Dropbox support also help you to sync your data efficiently.
In pro version, you can access to more features such as password vault sharing and other managing tools.

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