Problems & Solutions IT Can't initialize SSD Samsung 850 with USB enclosure

Can’t initialize SSD Samsung 850 with USB enclosure

Can’t initialize SSD Samsung 850 with USB enclosure

You have buy a new Solid State Drive and you like to initialize with your enclosure but you can’t? Don’t Worry here in this article, we will show you How to initialize SSD Samsung 850 with USB enclosure.

This problem can occur on brand new SSD or Old Solid State Drive but formatted or without partitions. This happen when you try to connect with USB enclosure.
This happens because your hard disk is empty and without partition and he is like an unallocated partition, and your computer can’t initialize. So to fix this problem follow instructions listed below.

Follow instructions listed below to resolving this problem:

>>Click right click on computer >> manage >> and open computer management and choose disk management.
And you will see all partitions here, choose partition who is unallocated partition this is your external SSD hardisk.
Then go right click on him and choose new partition. Then he will ask you for format choice quick format and go
and after formatting you will finally ready for use your hard disk.

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