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Can’t sign in to Skype!

Can’t sign in to Skype!

I am having exactly the same problem and skype was working fine yesteday today its terrible, internet and connections are all okay too.And i can’t sign in to Skype!

Try to downloaded the last version of Skype and the problem is solved.

If you again can’t sing in to skype see your pc if your Cpu is single core and you have low ram than 1gb..this is a problem.For Skype need Minimum Dual core cpu and 1gb ram or more .

If you have Singl core cpu and 1 gb ram or small and you login in skype you will have a problem with your camera may not working or work terrible, Obstacle ,slow transfer of picture etc etc…

And skype not work properly on windows XP Because he is off from updates.

Download the latest version skype here

This is link from official web site on skype

If you look this message “Sorry, we couldn’t connect to Skype”. This happened on windows XP here have a solution for this problem

What are the system requirements for Skype?

For  1 cam working

Processor dual core                  At least 1 GHz

RAM                                            At least 512 MB

Additional software                  DirectX v9.0 or abov

For 2 cam   your and your friend

Processor dual core                    At least 1.2 GHz

RAM                                            At least 1024 MB

Additional software                 DirectX v9.0 or abov

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  • Wrong login address or password, or someone changed this.
    If you're sure it's fine then delete the Skype and install it again latest version
    Here in the post have link for that.