Different Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

Different Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

The modern-day virtual reality headsets can be broadly categorized into two different types – mobile and tethered. Let’s delve deeper into each category and find out its advantages and downsides.

Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

Mobile VR Headsets:

The mobile headsets usually comprise of cases with lenses where you can put your smartphone to turn on the world of virtual reality. The lenses separate the screen into two different images for your viewing, and it turns your smartphone into a VR device. As lenses are the most critical part of these types of headsets, they are lightweight and cheap.

Some of the mobile VR headsets such as Google Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR are as low as $100 or even less. The low price is because it uses your mobile phone’s processor and you don’t need to connect any wires to your VR headset. Although it is pretty affordable, quality is one issue that cannot be ignored.

Types of Virtual Reality Headsets


As the smartphones are not specifically designed for the VR experience, they lack in picture quality even with the best of lenses. Thus, they are often underpowered when compared to a PC or console-based VR headset. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the mobile headsets is that they are not connected to a PC or console with wires; hence they can be enjoyed anywhere, even on a train or plane.

So, if you are someone who prefers to enjoy traditional videos on a huge screen or take virtual tours with panoramic photos and videos, then a mobile headset may be just enough for you. Given the fact that both the headsets and smartphones are getting better, you can enjoy a great experience at an affordable price! You can always upgrade your device without having to pay a lot!

Tethered Virtual Reality Headsets

If you are one of those who simply cannot rest with the second-best in technology and budget is not a constraint then tethered headset should be a good choice for you. This will not only enhance your experience of playing high-end games but also provide you with an immersive, seemingly realistic, and awe-inspiring VR experience.

The tethered headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift need to be connected to the PCs and this is one drawback of this system. However, the high level of VR experience a user can enjoy with this option leaves the drawback far behind. When you don’t have to carry the processor on a box strapped to your face, the VR experience becomes much more enthralling.

As this system uses a dedicated display attached to the headset instead of your smartphone, the inbuilt motion sensors and external camera tracker significantly improves the head tracking and fidelity.
The tethered headsets offer high-end experience and they are also expensive when compared to mobile headsets. The difference in price is due to features like custom display screens, high-grade lenses and motion sensors. You may also have to upgrade your computer hardware to make it ready for virtual reality. Thus, tethered headsets are the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy high-end games.

The Console gamers

The Console gamers have one option in the new PlayStation VR that offers an advanced and easy to use tethered experience. The PlayStation VR is the most reasonably priced high-end VR system for gamers who wish to enjoy the virtual reality experience on their PlayStation 4.

Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

You may play the proprietary titles on this device; however, the theatre mode will give you the feeling of playing the impressive PS4 games on a large screen.

If you wish to enjoy VR on your PlayStation, you may need to make a few investments such as buy a good PlayStation Camera to enable the headset to work, and a PlayStation Move controller bundle to enable the motion controls for a better experience.

Now that we know about the different types of virtual reality headsets that are available, we can take a closer look into the features, pros, and cons for the best VR headsets currently available to help you make the right choice.

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