Does Your iPhone Battery Need Replace?

Does Your iPhone Battery Need Replace?

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If you had your phone in a while, you’ve probably noticed that, over time, the battery seems to die much faster. If you’re always on your phone or need your phone for work or family calls, the last thing you need is to be attached to a power cord half the day while your phone charges. Here are a few ways to calibrate your battery, as well as options for replacing your battery if those tips don’t work.

Does Your iPhone Battery Need Replace

Don’t Keep it Charging

One thing people do is charge their phones overnight, and leave the phones on the charger even after they’ve reached 100%. This falsely charges the battery, and the battery thinks that it needs to delete some charge to accommodate the constant input. This leads the battery to drain faster when it’s off the charger, making your phone die quicker. To fix this, charge your phone while you’re still awake, and watch the charge bar. Once it hits 100%, take the phone off the charger.

Does Your iPhone Battery Need Replace

Delete Some Apps

Apps that run in the background drain your battery without you even knowing it. Double click your Home button and swipe apps up to close them out. Also, go through your app icons and delete whatever you don’t use. Make sure your phone isn’t constantly looking for WiFi or playing music in the background, either, as these actions drain your battery the fastest.

Does Your iPhone Battery Need Replace

Time to Replace the Battery

If your battery is still dying after just a few hours of use, it might be time just replace the battery. We recommend buying an Apple battery replacement tool kit from Amazon (from a licensed seller), which comes with the right battery for your phone (make sure you get your model – 5c, 6S, etc.) and the tools to take your phone apart. To do the battery replacement, make sure you turn your phone off all the way (hold down the power button and swipe right to turn it off). Then you need to get a small hex head screwdriver to take the screws off of the phone.

BE CAREFUL, as these screws are so tiny and easy to lose!
From there, carefully pull the bottom end of your screen (the end with the home button) up to a 90-degree angle, but do not try to pull it out! Unscrew the metal clip that holds the battery in, and then gently lift the old battery out with the plastic tag that sticks out (or with a pick from your Apple battery replacement kit). Replace it with the new battery, screw the metal clip back in, replace the screen where it belongs, and screw the bottom screws back in.Voila! You should have a higher performance battery that drains slower and charges faster!

If you’re not or you’re not like to be into the whole DIY thing, you can ask your mate or friend who knows how to do this kind of stuff or take your phone to an Apple repair shop. Just be prepared to spend a little bit of money, as Apple repairs are not very cheap.

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