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Extra Hardware to Enhance your Computing Solutions

Extra Hardware to Enhance your Computing Solutions

Here I will present For Extra Hardware to Enhance your Computing Solutions. If you have special computing needs such as graphic design, gaming, development, office work, and database management. Then the standard desktop or laptop may not be giving you a comprehensive computing solution. This isn’t to say that a powerful PC isn’t enough on its own, but some accessories and services can go a long way to addressing your needs.

There’s an accessory for everything

Thanks to cheap technology and manufacturing costs from China and other countries, producing tech is quite easy. Even if the tech produced isn’t actually useful but merely frivolous and entertaining, a USB-powered drink warmer is still reasonable buy for some people.

But there are those accessories and hardware that any computer user may find useful. Most of the time, these could be a bit expensive, but only because it really is worth the investment. The trick is to get the accessories you can be sure that you can fully use and can enhance your user experience.

So what are these accessories?

Let’s take a look at some extra options that you should have:


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No, this isn’t a tablet PC or an iPad. This is usually a drawing tablet that comes with a special stylus. Graphic designers and engineers may find that drawing on a tablet and seeing the result immediately on your computer is much better than scanning your work from paper. What’s more, you can edit and create as you go if you’re used to the shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop.


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You can find this accessory already installed in most laptops and netbooks while you can get cheap models for your desktop PC. Any professional who transacts business or conducts meetings online should get a webcam. Why? It’s the only way for you to use video conferencing or video calls. If you use services like Google Chat, RingCentral or Yahoo Voice then you really should get a camera.


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Usually bought with a webcam. A headset can give you better audio feedback for your calls and lets you speak without being near your computer’s mic. Video calls are easier to conduct and chatting in real time with your guildmates and squad for a game can be done hands-free.


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Depending on which brand you get, a button set for games that mimic arcade controls is either a Joypad or a Gamepad. If you want to hone your skills at home, just connect the device to your computer and set up the controls. When you go back to the arcade, combos are second nature.

Extended display

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Depending on your needs, your extended display can also be an alternate display. An additional monitor can also be a way for you to multitask or see how your design is coming along. If you’re looking for a better monitor for your game, a great idea is to use a flat screen TV. Make sure that your TV has an HDMI port, as a USB connection cannot handle the data transfer and support the video. This is a great tool for video editors, graphic designers, and technical designers.

Wireless printer

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Printing is a necessity in any office. If you are low in resources and don’t really want to invest in a printer for each PC or workstation, you can always network a wireless printer. Using Wifi or Bluetooth, all the computers or even handheld smart devices can connect to the printer and send data for printing.

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