From Windows 10 to Windows 7 the process of downgrade

From Windows 10 to Windows 7 the process of downgrade

This tutorial describes how to windows10 upgraded to Downgrade. After Windows 10 to Windows 10 operating system user a Windows operating system installed or upgraded from Windows 10 OS. Operating systems like Windows 7 operating system because many people want to come back but do not know how to do this. Those who want to downgrade, there are two things here.

From Windows 10 to Windows 7

If you are a Windows 10 upgrade from the previous version if you have a method that will work, and if you install another system clean. I’m trying to share the two approaches.

If you have a previous version of Windows, from Windows 10 up to 30 days, you can upgrade your previous operating system, Windows files stored in a folder that is named Windows. Old, so if you have any problems in 30 days, so you can easily go back to the previous operating system.

All you have to do:

* Start Menu and Settings to open the search.
* Settings app to turn the Update & Security feature.
* Recovery select.

* Let you Go back to Windows 7 or Go back to Windows 8.1 and select the Get Started button below.

From Windows 10 to Windows 7
Anyway, now that you are who you are upgrading to Windows 10. 30 days after the time has passed, but the method does not work for you.

The goal of the process:

If you install or upgrade Windows 10 clean after 30 days have passed, however, that the version of Windows you have to install manually. Although everyone knows about the operating system set-up process, but do not know if you’re the one I’m writing process easier for you.

* Do not install the operating system on a bootable DVD disc or insert or connect the computer to any of the installation media.

*  Restart the computer.

Now you need to make sure your computers hard drive after the reboot did not boot from the start. As a result, any media you select Windows are installed.
Then restart the computer to be turned on for the motherboard model F2, F8, F9 or F12, hold down your computer will boot from the installation media, select it.

For example: CD / DVD or USB.

• After loading the Windows installation, Windows will find a nice simple graphical interface. Stay tuned to follow instructions.

• If you can follow the instructions exactly like Windows, the operating system will be installed on your computer.


I hope that this article “From Windows 10 to Windows 7 the process of downgrade” would be helpful for you.


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