How Apple Feels About Wireless Charging

How Apple Feels About Wireless Charging

There is consumer interest in making everything as easy and as awesome as possible. Wireless charging seems to be one of those things that fit the bill. Setting your phone down on a nightstand or your desk and have it charge without thought would make life so much easier.

The truth is that wireless charging doesn’t make life easier in Apple’s eyes. Even in wireless charging applications there is still a device of some sort plugged into the wall and a wireless charging mechanism of some sort on the phone itself to accept the charge. So what does this change? Is this so much different than the way we currently charge our iPhones?

We plug the power adapter into the wall and then run a Lightning Cable to our phone and we are charging away. The only thing it eliminates is the cord but not the restraint of distance as the phone would still need to be placed on the charging platform or near the wireless charger depending on the design. So what is really gained?

How Apple Feels About Wireless Charging

More is Lost Than Gained

To implement wireless charging something else about the phone would have to change. Either the battery would need to be smaller to accommodate the additional components or the phone itself would need to be bigger. So which would you rather have; a phone with shorter battery life and wireless charging or phone with greater battery life with primitive corded charging? I know I would take battery life of the way it is charged any day.

Wireless Charging is an Enhancement

Even if the iPhone were to ship with wireless charging out of the box its, not like it would be the only means of charging. There would still need to be corded charging and a lightning port for using speaker docs and performing wired syncs. So the wireless charger would not replace the existing method it would only add an additional one. Again, this would cause a larger device or smaller battery.

Would you be happy if the iPhone 6 came with only wireless charging? Would you buy a wireless charging base for the home and office? What about the car? Remember how upset people were when Apple rendered the 30 pin adapter obsolete? There was a ridiculous outcry for a connector that was big and carried analog signals. Consumers always expect new features but will rebel if anything that did exist goes away.

Now it’s time for you to get involved! What do you think? Would you want to trade corded charging for Apple wireless charging or or other androids wireless charging?

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