How does wireless chargers/charging work

How does wireless chargers/charging work

How does wireless Chargers Work? It uses inductive charging. In basic terms this involves using a magnetic field to create an electrical current in your phone. This current charges the battery. Wireless charging technology seems to be a new, stylish, incredible technology, but this technology has been used for in the transformer has more than 100 years. But exactly how the transformer work? Perhaps you do not remember from school physics class to knowledge. So we have Retrospect the form of pictures.

This is a simple transformer works picture, But exactly how does wireless chargers/charging work?

Let’s look at the picture of the wireless charger product structure.

How does wireless Chargers Work

Transmitter and a receiver

Wireless charging is required for a transmitter and a receiver to work together to complete the wireless charging work.
The transmitter and receiver have the magnetic coil, Power supply conversion by the transmitter coil of an electromagnetic signal, an electromagnetic signal transmitted by way of the magnetic induction coil to the receiver end, the receiver coil of the electromagnetic signal into the power supply.

Currently, wireless charging technology has been used in mobile phones and other digital products and the automotive industry. Shenzhen QI Wireless Charging Technology Co., Limited believe that soon, through the efforts of engineers, our lives would get rid of all the cables.

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