How to work with HDD regenerator

How to work with HDD regenerator


First put CD in your DVD-RW and restart your pc/Laptop after this pressing
F8 and F11 and F12 press together uninterrupted For boot menu It looks like this.


Select CD/DVD…… Boot from CD and after this you will see more option slecet 6 HDD regenerator.
And you will see this screen


If you select 1 you will scan and repair your bad sectors.
Select 2 scan but do not repair here you do not repair only show how bad sectors and delays you have.
3. Please do not use…
For repair Select 1 and press Enter and after 2 sec press again Enter.

And you will see this.


And you will wait from 30 minutes to 5h Depends on what you hard disk you have on GB and your motherboard . Time you see in the right corner . Down in left corner you see how bad sectors found and how bad sectors recovered.

If you have small number of bad sectors and he is recovered on finish press CTRL+ALT+Delete and pc/laptop will restart.

And after this will start check disk. wait for this and this is it

This is screen if your hard disk is mechanically damaged and you cannot repair this…


Screen if you have bad sectors you will see in left corner how much you have and how much bad sectors is recovered/repair.


If hdd regenerator found much more bad sectors and many of them are mechanically damaged and regenerator cannot repair this and will show this screen and your hard disk cannot be repaired you must replace your hard disk with new.


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