How to add a PCI card

How to add a PCI card

Well, If USB devices are adding clutter, internal cards help you manage clutter. PCI or PCI Express cards help you. Instead of external devices, internal devices from your PC help.

For Example: if your audio or LAN card is defective you can change by adding an Audio or Lan PCI Card, or your USB outputs are fulfilled, and you need more you can add more USB slots via PCI card, whatever.

How to add a PCI card? Follow the instruction listed below:

NOTE: Before starting with replacing or adding a PCI, make sure that your computer is disconnected from the power supply.

First: be sure you have no static electricity on your body.

  1. Turn off your computer and then open your PC.
  2. Find an empty PCI slot like this on the picture.

How to add a PCI card

  1. You should see an empty plate near a PCI slot. Unscrew the cover and remove it.

How to add a PCI card

  1. Push your card into the slot.

How to add a PCI card

  1. Screw the card’s mounting plate into the PC.
  1. Then close your PC.
  2. Start up your PC, and do the other steps, and this is it.

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