How to change navigation bar menu Huawei

How to change navigation bar menu Huawei

Chinese multinational technology company Huawei which producing many devices such as Smart TV, Tablets Broadband Networks, has a Harmony OS EMUI, also, consultancy and managed services, and many other multimedia technology.
But one of the most popular thing in the world from Huawei is the Smartphones, which are available in multiple versions such as Huawei P version, Ascend, Honor, and mate. Many of us have or have seen a Huawei smartphone Because at the moment Huawei Smartphones are in the top 3 best-selling phones in the world.

Navigation bar menu Huawei

However, let us return to our topic, today we’re going to talking about smartphones, or exactly how to change the navigation bar menu on Huawei.
With the last update, Huawei has automatically changed the navigation bar from the standard “Three-key navigation” to the Gestures.
So we will help you with this article to change back your Navigation bar from “Gesturesor” to the “Three-key navigation” or to try the third one “Dock Navigation,” or whoever you want.

For changing the Navigation bar follow the instructions with pictures listed below.

Find the “Settings icon”Settings and then tap Settings.
Then scroll down to the System,


then tap on System.

And then in the upper part tap on System Navigation.

System navigation

And there you will find all navigation types (In our case there are 3), Gestures, Three-Key Navigation, or Navigation dock.

Navigation Bar Huawei

We have already told that “Three-Key Navigation” is the standard one. However, choose who you want by tapping on it, and will be automatically saved. This is all, and now you have a new Navigation Bar, enjoy.

You can also find this whole process in the video below.

I hope that this article “How to change navigation bar menu Huawei” it would be useful for you.

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