How to Change the Google Maps Voice on your Smartphone

Do you want to change from English to another language? Or have you already changed to another and want to switch back to English? However Google Maps default speech comes in the English language, but it also supports many other languages, which you can easily change in a few seconds. In this video, I’m gonna show you How to Change the Google Maps Voice on your Smartphone

You can follow these simple steps to change the default voice in Google Maps on your phone:

First, you need to find the Google Maps app and tap on it.

Once you open Google Maps, tap on your profile picture in the corner to open the drop-down menu.

google maps voice profil p

Into the drop-down menu tap on Settings.

Google maps voice settings

Then into the settings Scroll down to the Navigation settings.

Google voice navigation settings

Then Tap Voice Selection

Google voice Voice selection

Here you can find all supported languages, you can choose your voice language and just press back and the change will be saved.

Google Voice Supported voice

Your Google Maps Voice is changed.

In the following video listed below, you can see all these instructions.

We hope that this article, “How to Change the Google Maps Voice on your Smartphone” is helpful for you.

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