How to change the navigation bar menu on Xiaomi

How to change the navigation bar menu on Xiaomi

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that is a fairly new company founded on 6 April 2010, but in the years it has grown rapidly.
Xiaomi producing many things such as Consumer Electronics and Computer hardware. The most used and most popular are smartphones and Xiaomi was the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer and still growing. They produce many models of smartphones, the most popular Mi Series, also here are Mi Note Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Mix Series, Redmi Series, and POCO. Also lately they have a rich offer of smartwatches. It also produces tablets, laptops, also you can find many wearable devices, also TVs, routers, and many other smart home devices.

How to change the navigation bar menu on Xiaomi

However, let us return to our topic, In this article, we’ll show you how to change the navigation bar menu on Xiaomi.
Xiaomi Smartphones has more navigation bars the standard one is “Buttons,” and another one is Full screen gestures.
So in this article, we will help you how to change from Buttons to Full screen gestures or vice versa

Change navigation bar menu  Xiaomi (with pictures)

On your phone screen find “Settings icon” Settings Xiaomi and then tap on it.
Into the settings scroll down to the “Additional settings” and then tap on it.

additional settings

And then Tap on “Full screen display”,

Full Screen Dusplay

and there you will find all navigation types

Navigation bar xiaomi

(In our case there are 2), Buttons, and Full screen gestures.
We have already told that “Buttons Navigation bar ” is the standard one.
However, You can choose one by tapping on it, and it will be automatically saved. This is all, Now you can enjoy the new Navigation Bar.

The instructions are shown on a XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 Pro

You can also find this whole process in the video below.

I hope that this article “How to change the navigation bar menu on Xiaomi” it would be useful for you.

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