How to choose the pond to the welds

How to choose the pond to the welds

How to choose the pond to the welds. Welding is an operation that lets you combine two solid materials thanks to the merger; This technique allows you to have lasting results. It is a process used in many fields of engineering. From the mechanical and the chemical and can be carried out both on small components (eg electronic ones.) That on very large structures (such as bridges to support the metal structures). In this guide we will see how to choose the right pond for welding, depending on the tasks to be performed; in this way the results will be optimal, avoiding unnecessarily wasting a large amount of tin.

How to choose the pond to the welds

How to choose the pond to the welds

Chosen of the pond to the welds pond can be easily traced at any hardware store; are usually offered for sale two types of tin.; The first is constituted by pure tin wires. The second presents a flux (is a chemical product which allows the welding to prepare the surface) at the center. If possible, select the second because, in certain operations, to use the pure tin wires may also require the use of a flux in part.

Welding work

If the welding work must be performed on electrical components the pond should not be purchased in a generic hardware store. But stores that deal with the sale of electronic components. The pond that is located inside of the latter has a different composition and is more expensive.; Usually, the alloy is obtained from a 40% lead and 60% tin by a, and the soul is a substance that serves to deoxidize.

Temperature of the soldering iron

To verify that the temperature of the soldering iron to be careful when you start welding. Are as prescribed and recommended for that kind of flux (there are at least 5 types of flux), to avoid compromising the operation. As regards the diameter of the solder wire, the value should be between 0.4 mm and 1 mm. Ask, however, a council clerk of the hardware to be sure you make the best choice for the job you are going to do.

In order not to spoil the reinforcement material found on the surface, avoid scratching the soldering tips.; This type of pond is to be machined by holding the tip of the soldering iron at a temperature not exceeding 380 °, Unless the operation should not be performed on very large components (avoiding to keep such a high temperature for too long, because it may be ruining the soldering iron tip).

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