How to clean the soldering tips

How to clean the soldering tips

Here in this post, I will present How to clean the soldering tips. When we use a soldering iron, the tips tend to oxidize, preventing proper operation. In order to obviate this drawback, it is fair to say that after each use. The tips should be clean, to avoid a priori. However, when it has the problem, you have to find the right solution.

How to clean the soldering tipsMake sure you have on hand:

acrylic solvent
abrasive cloth

A soldering iron is equipped depending on the type, of different tips; In fact, we find that acuminata (monoblock), and one that is made of copper and has an elliptical or triangular shape. In both cases, the cleaning provides for the roughing of tin that has thickened on the parts and which may occur with the abrasive paper, a nail file, or by using the specific solvents.

How to clean the soldering tips

To clean the sharp tip of a soldering iron

To clean the sharp tip of a soldering iron, which is generally not removable. This is connected directly to the heating part, we can use only the tools suitable for sgrossarla. In this case, we put him in power, and with a lime fine-grained, with a wooden handle (not to scottarci). We act as if we wanted to redo the tip, helping with the abrasive cloth. Not before having it unplugged and did become warm.

If in case, the oxide does not disappear entirely. Also, we can use a cotton ball soaked in an acrylic solvent or immerse the tip directly into a shot glass with the same product. And also, let it soak for at least half a day. When the tip of the soldering iron is rather than detachable type, we have the advantage that you can work comfortably, eliminating the electrical part, and then take the appropriate techniques.

The tip of the cleaning operation

The tip of the cleaning operation, in this case.; Consists of a sort of pickling, that is, a deoxidizer of the copper process. The latter, can, in fact, become shiny perfectly if it is immersed in a container of vinegar inside and plenty of salt. And leave it to soak for at least 24 hours, you can get the tip spotless, shiny and above the typical pale pink.

Even in this case, if the oxide opposes particular resistance, we can use of abrasive cloths and a lime, to eliminate any residues of dirt and oxide issued from the combination air, tin and heat.

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