How to create Bootable Pen drive very easily

How to create Bootable Pen drive very easily

Here you can learn about how to create a pen drive bootable. We use the notebook; notebooks usually do not have the CD Room. So when we want to give the Windows CD / DVD Rom is required when Windows is through our External DVD or Pen drive. In general, Windows can not be given by Pen Drive, Pen drive to Bootable If you Pen drive which goes through to Windows.

So here I’m going to show you How to create Bootable Pen drive very easily.

You can do it very easy with this free Software “Rufus” Download as a free, this is not installation Software, just download run, and you can make it your Bootable Pen drive.

Run the Rufus Software choose “Example: Iso File” then select the iso file from your PC/laptop and make sure that you have USB attached at your computer.

How to create Bootable Pen drive

Recipe: First, Pen Drive to the Format in the NTFS.

Then, Windows XP / 7/8/10s File at the Pen Drive Copy the day.

Bootable Pen drive windows10

It is not ISO Image file. You either CD / DVD or to any other place in the Windows File can collect. Drug addiction was Windows XP / 7/8/10s Bootable Pen drive. Bootable Pen drives now with the PC / laptop/notebook to Windows Install on.

Installation: When you make a bootable pen drive, add to your PC/Laptop then “restart” and go to “BIOS” make USB Pen drive as a first Boot device, Save then restart and enjoy your formatting.

 I hope that this article “How to create Bootable Pen drive very easily” would be helpful for you.

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