How To Custom Domain In Blogger

How To Custom Domain In Blogger

How To Custom Domain In Blogger

Here in this post, you will find information about how to custom domain in blogger or blogspot. What is a custom domain in blogger? The custom domain in blogger means changes the blog address in blogger or blog spot with its own domain name or the Top Level Domain (TLD).

How To Custom Domain In Blogger

Changing the address of the Blogger or Blogspot subdomain by the Top Level Domain (TLD) of course has advantages and disadvantages compared to stick with Blogspot subdomain, here are some of the advantages of custom domain blogger that you might consider:

Appear with More Professional

Wearing your own domain name will usually be considered more professional than using a blogger subdomain. This assumption is necessary if your blog is a business blog and especially online store or blog to sell goods or services, this will affect the level of confidence of the customer or the customer.

Well, for those of you who want more success in online business, avoid the doubts of your blog readers since the beginning.

More Reliable

This is closely related to that written above. Blog with your own domain name will get more trust than the blog with blogger subdomain. Especially if you use in selling links or paid reviews business, the top level domain will be easier to get a job than the blogger subdomain despite having the same page rank. This is not absolute, but it is one of the factors that support of link sale business.

Free Host on Blogger

One of the obstacles that felt heavy for a blog that already has some visits that many are web hosting, the more visitors then hosting more greater. With Blogger custom domain, you don’t have to worry about hosting fees, because blogger ( give it for free.
Keep in mind that if you replace blogger subdomain with the custom domain you have, you keep in touch with the blogger, everything will remain as before. You keep use Blogger as your blog engine

More Secure

If at any time your blog removed by the blogger, don’t be too worried, and it’s not the end of everything, the thing to remember is always making a backup of data of your blog regularly. The next step is to create a new blog on blogger, then upload the backup data that has been owned and the new blog will have the same content as the blog that has been deleted, and you just need to point the blog with your domain before. All will be back to normal; you will not lose your loyal visitors due to its domain name remains the same.

Another step is to eliminate the dependence of bloggers with a way to buy your own hosting, then put on another blog engine that you like, and you just need to migrate from blogger to your new blog engine.
Above are some of the advantages custom domain in blogger, of course, there are many other advantages, to limit the content is too long.

However, I suggest that custom domain only for your brand new blog and not for the old blog, why? Custom domain will change your blog SEO stats such as the number of subscribers, backlinks, Page Rank and so on will be all new. However, if you don’t mind about it, of course, custom domain is no problem.
What is required to perform a custom domain? You only need a domain name and DNS services. For some domain sellers, DNS services are provided free of charge so that you don’t need to incur additional costs or use the DNS service third-party, so you don’t too much trouble. I suggest you to use or

Here Are Steps How To Custom Domain In Blogger Or Blogspot :

Domain Settings:

  • If you already have a domain, please login to your domain control panel, of course, with the username and password have been given.
  • Look for DNS setting page, because every registrant is different.
  • Click Manage DNS button and then will be shown a new page and click CNAME RECORDS and click on ADD CNAME RECORD button
  • Fill the hostname with www, fill the value with and leave the TTL as usual (don’t change), end with click on Add Record button
  • Once the process is complete, click the tab Records. then click the Add A Record
  • Host Name leave it blank, fill in the DestinationIPv4 Address 239.32.21, for TTL let it as is. Then click the Add Record
  • Do the Add a record 3 times again, but entered the IP number is239.34.21216.239.36.21,
  • IP addition of your blog is intended so that blog doesn’t error when accessed without www
  • CNAME setting is finish

Blog Settings :

  • Log in to blogger with your username and password
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on Publishing tab
  • Click on Switch to “Custom Domain.”
  • Input domain information
  • Finish

The process of blogger custom domain has done, but it usually takes 24 hours for your blog can be accessed using the new domain, but many are only two or three hours have been completed, and your blog can be accessed with your domain.
Good luck and I hope you blog looks more professional.

We hope that this article “How To Custom Domain In Blogger” would be helpful for you.

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