How to Do Propane Torch Brazing

How to Do Propane Torch Brazing

Brazing refers to the joining involving two metals. It is easy to do and substitute the welding part quite efficiently. title Propane torches are one such equipment which is popularly used for brazing. These can be easily sourced from any of the store or a plumbing supply house. Jewelry and metalsmith supply firms too can provide propane torches. Mentioned below is the basic process of brazing a couple of metals using a propane flashlight. Take a look:

How to Do Propane Torch Brazing

How to Do Propane Torch Brazing: Materials Needed

Propane Torch
Brazing Wire

Step 1

The very first step in propane brazing is to clean the metal that you just plan to braze. For cleansing, one can make use of sandpaper to clear out oxidation while acetone really should be used to get rid of grease. In addition, use simple water and soap solution to remove the remaining dust particles from the metal surface. Now once all the dirt and grease is removed from the metal, rinse it with water and let completely the clean metal air dry. It may take a time of few hours.

Step 2

Next, put the metal over a work surface that is certainly fire-safe. Then arrange often the metal to be brazed properly so that it does not move from the point it has been placed. One should make use of either binding cable. 

Also, a third hand or possibly a vise for holding both the metals together as dependant upon gravity alone for controlling the metal in place may not be a good idea.

Step 3

Currently, the next step in brazing practice is to heat both the metals that you plan to join with each other. As soon as the metals arrive at the perfect brazing temperature, brazing wire has to be applied to the seam. Keep heating the brazing wire till the right time it melts into the seam.

Step 4

Lastly, let the precious metals cool down to the room temp and you are already done with often the brazing process using fuel torch.

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