How To Extend Your Battery Life In Android

How To Extend Your Battery Life In Android

Android, which is one of the leading OS for Smartphone let your phone work smarter. Being a smart OS, it carries out a lot of smart work on your device. As the Android device allows you to do a lot of intelligent work on the phone, it is obvious it will take a lot of energy (battery).

Many times, people using an Android device have an issue that the battery of their Android device runs out in no time. This happens because of the apps and the functions that you are using on the device. There are many ways to help your device to save their battery and last for a longer time. Here we have come up with some tips that will help your Android device to save battery and can run their battery life for a more extended period of time.
How To Extend Your Battery Life

How To Extend Your Battery Life In Android Follow these tips:

1. Close If Not In Need:

Apps that are not in use and are running will obviously suck a little battery of your Android device. Hence, it is better for you to close all the apps that are not in use. Most of the time your Android device features like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFS and other are running even if there is no use for it. Hence it is better that you turn off all those features and save your battery and let your Android device run for an hour or 2 more.

2. Charge Only If It Is Needed:

Most of the times, it has been seen that people charge their Android device even if they have charged it about a minute ago. It is always necessary to charge your device only if it is needed. Make sure that you charge your device when the battery is sucked and remains at 20% or less. Including this, it is also necessary that you don’t overcharge your phone so that your battery doesn’t get crack or break. Always charge it till 99%.
If you do this your battery life last for a longer time.

3. Don’t keep your device on Vibration mode:

Very few know about this fact that, when your phone is in vibrating mode, it loses the battery. Hence we suggest you keep it in a silent mode, with vibration off.

4. Keep Auto to Manual:

On your Android devices most of the app sync automatically. Therefore if your device sync automatically, better make it to manual. Because of this, your other apps refresh rate is reduced, and hence battery is saved. Hence, make sure you keep your Auto Sync to Manual.
All of these above are some of the most important tips that you need to know so that you help your device to run for a longer time. You will get a better battery that lasts long if you follow these steps.

I hope that this article “How To Extend Your Battery Life In Android” would be helpful for you.

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