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How to fix Windows 10 sound problem

How to fix Windows 10 sound problem

Here I’m going to show you the tutorial about Windows 10 sound problem. Today we will discuss the issues of the Microsoft Windows 10; this problem is the issue of the sound are highlighted below:

Step: How to fix Windows 10 sound problem

First, you need to go to My Computer, then right-click of the mouse from the Manager, go to the Device Manager and Sound, video, and game controllers in the Sound Device select and then select Update Driver.

To update your device still does not work, then go to the manufacturer’s website and follow the instructions.

If these steps are not functioning you uninstall the audio driver. Go to the Device Manager, right-click and then select the audio driver and uninstall. Your device will restart, and Windows will reinstall the driver.

And if that does not work, that comes with Windows, try to use the generic audio driver. First, go to the Device Manager by clicking the right button to go to the audio driver> Update Driver Software > select High, the device driver software on your computer, browse to select the audio device, the next selection and follow the instructions to install it.

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