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How to install Windowos 7

How to install Windowos 7

Here i will show you how to make clean install on Windows 7

(How to install Windows 7)

1. First put windows 7 CD in your DVD-RW and restart your pc/Laptop after this pressing
F8 and F11 and F12 press together uninterrupted For boot menu It looks like this.

Select CD/DVD ..or boot from CD and press enter. After this press any key for start and you will see this screen

Select Language to Install,Time and currency format, Keyboard or input method. Then click Next.

Click install now ..and you will see this

Here select as a window you have, (license) x86 = 32 bit x64 =64 bit and click next

Click ‘I accept the license terms’ in ‘Please read the license’ then click Next

then Press  Custom (advanced)  and your screen will display this

Click on Drive options (advanced) and you will see this

press new and on size make your first partition (local disc C) Write how you want and press apply and you will see screen like this

First partition from 100 mb is system partition your win7 create for system files.
Disk 0 partition 2 is your first partition ( local disk C ).
Disk 0 Unallocated Space. Is place remaining. click on him and go new and apply and you have two partitionLocal disk C and Local disk D.
Then press on Disk 0 Partition 2 this is your first partition (local disc C ) and Click next and your windows will start to instal and you will see this screen.

Wait 10-30 min to finish… and you will see this

Here type you’re a user account and computer name ( example your name ) then click next

I did not write here a password. Stay blank and go next and you will see this screen

Here write your product key from your Windos CD then click next and you will see this

My choice is Ask me later and you will see this

Choice your time zone and click next and this is it … Install your drivers and your programs and enjoy in your WINDOWS 7

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