How to keep your Android Smartphone safe from viruses?

How to keep your Android Smartphone safe from viruses?

Even though Android devices are very secure, the recently launched Trojan proved that careless use might compromise its security. If you keep some tips in mind, then you can minimize the infection to a great extent. As you all know the main source of infection is through the external files and apps from unknown sources which we download into our device from the internet, if you are a little bit alert while surfing the web then the chances of infection can be reduced very effectively.

How to keep your Android Smartphone safe

Tips: How to keep your Android Smartphone safe from viruses

  1. Always backup your phone data and store it in a safe place. So you can do it that on a compact disk or a cloud server. That will help you to restore your personal data even if you have been infected with the virus.
  2. Ensure that you have an anti-virus software installed on your Android device. If you didn’t have one, then install it today itself. Just installing will not do it all. You have to update it regularly and scan your device on a regular basis. Select the best one for you/or by the specification of your phone.
  3. Make sure that you install apps from trusted sources only, as the chance of getting infected more lies with the untrusted sources. Even though there are legitimate apps in the untrusted category, there is always a risk factor.
  4. If you badly need an app which is in the untrusted category, then take some time and read the permissions before installing it. If it is asking for access to your personal data like contacts, log files, etc. It is better to stop the installation procedure right there. Proceed only if you are confident that the app will not do any harm to your device or your personal data.

If you keep all the above tips in your mind, then you can restrict the online virus attacks on your Android devices to a large extent.


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